Jamie Oliver & Land Rover SVO

Your car is your extension. Normally people will judge you from the first thing they see, and that many times will be your car. Jamie Oliver joined with Land Rover for a new advertisement campaign, and in return got his dream machine. Take a look below.

"Jamie went down to Special Vehicle Operations at Land Rover HQ, to design his very own Land Rover Discovery, and it wasn't what they were expecting! He wants a toaster in his arm rest, a fold out kitchen table, and even a rotisserie on the front of the car, powered by the engine. It's an unusual request, so can the SVO team make it happen?"

"They did it! Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations have made Jamie's crazy ideas come true with this incredible cooking car! Check out Jamie discovering the super impressive toaster, the pasta cutter, butter churner wheels, the fold out kitchen with a TV built in and much more!"

"Jamie is so happy with this incredible mobile kitchen, so he's had a think about what to make, and is going to cook it up for his family. The engine driven rotisserie is fired up for some delicious chicken, beautiful mushrooms on toast, piston & mortar pesto pasta and a few surprises too. Check this out!"

Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, from Good Morning Britain are treated to a delicious cooked breakfast, prepared by Jamie Oliver in the most unusual way!


Ferrari FF & Dolomites

This is old news, but it is still awesome. :)

"Yesterday, Ferrari decided to transport its newest car - the groundbreaking FF - to the top of an Italian mountain range."

"But travelling to the summit of 2,350-metre high Plan De Corones in the Dolomites is no easy task, even in a 4WWD Ferrari that can claim to be the firm's most radical and technically advanced ever."

"So instead it enlisted the help of a CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter from Viterbo's 1st Regiment Antares and three Agusta 205 helicopters from the Italian air force."

"The pics tell it all. Military helicopter. 660bhp V12 Ferrari. Snow."

Source: Topgear.com

Official Ferrari video:

A couple more videos: