Apple iCar

No. Didn't happen. Bummer...

Although much rumours are going around about the so called Apple car project, with all the engineers from other companies (supposedly) going to Apple to help on that, we didn't get a sneak peek about it. Right until the end of the keynote presentation i was expecting the "one more thing".  No luck. Well, "hair force one" does joke a bit about it...

But don't get me wrong! A lot was covered on the keynote.

It started with no updates. Good. But then i was put to sleep at the sound of the news of the Apple Watch... ZZZzzzz... it was a good nap. The only minor interesting thing about it was the collaboration with Hermès.

Sorry, i did say minor.

No, not this minor:

This is at least an interesting Minor. The Morris one. And it's a racing Minor ute!

Well, but back to case in point.

The presentation was about the upgraded iPhones, and the BIG new iPad Pro. Interestingly enough, what i found most captivating was, despite Jobs hated it, the stylus. But remember Jobs hated them in a phone. And stylus for phones are really small and you do loose them.

But no. I believe what Apple did was reinvent the pencil.  It is not a stylus, it's the Apple Pencil. Or is it just a nice way of ignoring what the founder of Apple believed? Or was this already in the road map Jobs himself drew for Apple before he died?

I don't know, but i believe it might be true. There is something about Jobs vision still at Apple, embodied in his friend Jony Ive, and he is the head designer at Apple. Just hear about the Apple Pencil in his own voice:

It is a great technological evolution for the pencil. Still. You can loose it. And be sure many people will.

Apart from the pencil thing, Apple introduced force touch on their devices. They call it 3D Touch. It opens interesting new ways of interacting with your device.

Let me tell you something, Apple really knows how to make product videos. They are very well made. And i do like the moving pictures thing. It is a nice touch. :) Now, would i buy any of these? If iOS was more open, i would buy an Ipad Pro as my only device. I like the Microsoft Surface idea, but what keeps me from buying a surface is the same thing that will keep me from buying the iPad Pro: the operating system. But, still good products.

Ok, enough ramblings from me. If you want to see the whole keynote presentation, you can do so here:

All in all, yes. I still do miss Steve Jobs.